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Angel investor signs several new startups

By Beth Potter - September 7, 2012 – To read this article at its original source, click HERE.

BOULDER – New local angel investment fund Story Stock Exchange said it signed on several new startup companies.

In addition, the Boulder-based fund has attracted a few million dollars to invest in the startup companies with which it works, said Michael Abdy, the firm’s president and chief operating officer. The fund most commonly makes “seed” investments in each company in which it invests, he said.

Story Stock Exchange recently signed Boulder-based Choke Grip LLC, which makes a plastic device that attaches to a baseball bat that helps players grip the handle in the same “choke” position with each swing.

Online health platform company, PrescribeWellness.com, based in Aliso Viejo, California, is another part of Story Stock Exchange’s portfolio. The platform is used by pharmacies around the nation.

Story Stock Exchange also has invested in Rock City Club, a Las Vegas-based company that serves as an online social network for bands.

The fund also recently invested $15,000 in Boulder-based Vim Funding Inc., which uses the trade name Funding Launchpad. All in all, Story Stock Exchange expects to have about a dozen companies in its portfolio by the end of the year, Abdy said in a press statement.

As the company continues to grow, Abdy said has been talking to TV networks about creating a reality TV show around the work he does.

Separately, co-founder John Metzger has been named to the advisory board at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Leeds School of Business.

In addition to funding, Story Stock Exchange also invests marketing resources into the companies it picks. It is operated by investment capital firm Tiforp Business Ventures LLC in Boulder, Abdy’s firm, and Metzger Associates Inc., Metzger’s firm.