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Inspire Commerce Presents To Credit Union Industry Leadership

There are definitive moments in any career when it is easy to say that, “there was before, and there was after.”  I find myself in one such moment now.  Today, I present at the annual AACUL conference (The American Association of Credit Union Leagues).  For just over a year, Inspire Commerce has secretly been working with Credit Union Strategic Partners, the services branch of the Mountain West Credit Union Association, to create something awesome for the Credit Union Industry.  The big reveal to every services organization in the US is today.

The credit union industry is faced (as are all banking institutions) with some HUGE hurdles in the coming years.  It is projected that the industry as a whole will see a 35% consolidation in the next 5 years.  If this was a flu epidemic, then 35% of the human population would be departing the planet with the rest taking over their land.  This is serious.  Every business day in the US, a Credit Union goes out of business.  As I will be saying in my presentation… The CD is dead, The fax machine is dead, VHS is dead, and the Canary is dead… it’s time to save the coal mine and everyone working in it!

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